The Process



In the first stage we start with an initial consultation.  This should be preferably with all decision makers in the residence.  In the consultation we will go over many questions to pin point exactly what your needs are and any wishes you would like to achieve, as well as a budget.  Any magazine cutouts or pictures of your style or likes would be helpful in this process.  An initial consultation can take two hours.  Pictures taken by Cara Interiors maybe required at the time of initial consultation.

A Project Scope/Contract will then be written up outlining the estimated hours needed and areas to be worked on. This contract will need to be signed by all parties before work can begin, along with a deposit.

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The proposal will be drawn up.  In most cases a space plan will be needed.  The proposal will include research of recommendations, and if required, a layouts and 3D perspectives. Upon approval of the proposal the selection of materials and products will begin.


Part of hiring Cara Interiors gives our client's access to the use of trades or sources that maybe required for the project.  This however does not allow clients to contact trades or sources privately without permission from Cara Interiors.  When a designer discount is passed on, it is while Cara Interiors is on the project, unless otherwise authorized.


Client involvement in the project is important in the initial stages.  The approval of recommendations is also required before moving on to further stages.  In some cases there will be recommendations strongly advised by Cara Interiors and this is where the trust of the client is needed.


Time lines of projects are unique to each project and will vary.  It is however important to know there is a lot of thought, research, and visualization put into every project, and nothing is ever thrown together or as easy as it looks on television. Major renovations can take several months.


The finishing touches such as accessorizing are equally as important as the initial project.  Accessories are what brings the room together and gives it that finished and completed look.  This is achieved thru colours, shapes and textures.