Good Design: Beauty for the Soul

As a professional Designer and Certified Image, Interior & Industry Design Style Strategist, my clients often ask me: “What is good design?”

To me, good design encompasses many things — innovation, function, longevity and, of course, aesthetic. Ultimately, however, I believe it is best explained by the way a space used and makes you feel.

We have all walked into a room and, knowingly or not, experienced an emotional or physical reaction to our surroundings. Warm, cold, inviting, isolating — interior decor and design can have a powerful effect on the room’s ambience and, more importantly, the way you feel.

At Cara Interiors, I believe creating a healthy, restorative, feel-good space starts with understanding your lifestyle, your needs and the things in life that are most important to you. After all, your home is your oasis and should be designed to inspire a sense of comfort and wellbeing, while reflecting your unique personality and style.