New Site

Well here it is! A brand new website.  I have been going over the idea in my head for a few years now because I really like the look of Word Press sites. Clean, easy to read and organized.  My biggest concern was switching hosts and loosing my place on the first page of google for our area.  Well my thrifty side got the best of me and I decided to go with a template as opposed to hiring a professional.  When inputting information into the template, somehow I pressed publish! NOOOO! It cant be! But it was.  There it was up, live, exposing my new template and that I really have no idea what I was doing! This is something that we deal with in our industry and all the time and honestly, I know better.  I have seen people waste money on mistakes that could have been prevented.  Well I am pretty sure I have lost my spot on google which could have been prevented and it has now costed me more money then I anticipated.  A valuable lesson has been once again been reconfirmed….Hire a Professional!


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